Summer camp | 2024

"Yesh Li HaKol"

I have everything I need within me.

It’s summer-time, and the children are enveloped in colorful and vibrant summer vibes!

Camp is in full swing, the theme this year being: “I Have It All!”

What a critical message for our children to internalize and focus on this summer. When the world around them cannot provide their basic needs, they are developing the incredibly powerful skill of looking within themselves, finding strengths they didn’t know they had, and focusing on everything they DO have: a home at Keren Hayeled, friends, and most importantly – they have themselves.

What better way to empower our children to handle the challenges life throws at them!


Our summer camp schedule provides a full structure for our children throughout the entire summer. From carefully planned activities in the dorm, to full day trips and outings, the children are fully cared for and provided for throughout the summer.


Our camp programming focuses on having building relationships, learning new skills, and discovering oneself in a new and deeper way. The theme, along with every planned activity and trip, is made to hone in on the messages we are working to convey.


Our summer camp schedule is made to suit every one of our Keren Hayeled children by leaving plenty of space for customizing each activity. The choice of plans is carefully decided on based on the needs of our children.

"I have it all within me!"

our most empowering knowledge

Utilizing the beautiful carefree environment that summer camp offers, and building off it with a carefully and lovingly designed schedule, we will be working with the children on this ever-important message: I have everything I need within me.

We’ve chosen the theme “Yesh Li HaKol” (I have everything!), a play off of the big supermarket chain called “Yesh”. Through playful activities and creative games within the dormitory, as well as exciting trips to water parks and other still-secret outings (shhh!), the girls at Keren Hayeled are internalizing this beautiful, and critical message: I have everything I need within me.