War IN Israel | 2023-2024

when the world is a scary place

We are their sense of stability.

From the height of joy on Yom Tov, the Jewish people were thrown into the chaos and unknown of war in Israel.
Amidst the pain, the suffering, the prayers and tears, Keren Hayeled continues to care and provide for our at-risk children and orphans during war.

This is a challenging time for us all, and for our children more than ever. Many of the children are in delicate emotional states, and we need to provide the sense of security they so desperately need – especially during war.

We are doing this through:

  • Reaffirming their belief that only Hashem can help them.
  • Teaching and practicing validation and coping techniques.
  • Providing professional emotional support from our incredibly dedicated and caring staff.
  • Maintaining closer-than-ever contact between the children and the staff. And extra hugs, of course.

providing routine

when there is none.

School schedules are changing often, and there are many broken routines. We are working hard to create an atmosphere of stability, warmth, normalcy, and productivity. Coming from their challenging and traumatic backgrounds, our children desperately need the calm, warm environment we are creating for them.

Our staff strengthens the children through Emunah discussions and inspirational speakers, which they are receiving with open hearts.
We are keeping their hands and minds busy with productive, creative, growth-oriented activities. The children are staying calm and happy, and managing through these times as well as we can hope for.


We have a proper setup for phone-learning, with dedicated “classrooms” to promote better learning, and have hired teachers to come in and teach our younger children who need more individual attention. 

Tehilim & learning

Every morning, the children gather to complete the Sefer Tehillim together, and learn Hilchot Shabbat as a merit for all of Am Yisrael.


The girls just finished decorating the dining room, which serves as a main Miklat (bomb shelter) for the building, as it is built underground.

our dedicated staff is there

through the thick and thin.

Keren Hayeled is proudly staffed with many Madrichot (dorm counselors), who are carefully trained to work with groups of girls, building them up with the influential presence of a healthy, happy adult they can turn to.

On the fateful day of Simchat Torah many of our Madrichot were celebrating the Chag in Tifrach, a small Jewish community in Southern Israel that houses the largest Israeli Yeshiva.
Miraculously, despite its close proximity to the Gaza border, Tifrach was spared the horrors and tragedies so many other communities went through.

As war began to rage, the Keren Hayeled children needed their Madrichot back on campus sooner than expected. They needed their adults in the dormitories, accepting them and their fears with open, comforting arms.
The very next day Keren Hayeled sent drivers who were willing and determined to bring our Madrichot home safely. D
espite the risk of driving through the war zone, they made the journey to Tifrach and brought our Madrichot home.

A few weeks into the war Keren Hayeled arranged a surprise night of appreciation for our Madrichot. They have put their all into giving our children the sense of calm and security they need so desperately. They have done an incredible job until now and haven’t stopped, and we deeply appreciate it.
The Madrichot enjoyed a beautifully planned meal, game, and other activities the girls had prepared in their honor. They also shared with the girls video clips of how they kept their own morale strong on their trip home from Tifrach.

Thank you, staff!

We are so grateful to our dedicated Madrichot, and staff, who have dropped everything to be here for our at-risk children and orphans during war. With so much devotion, they are keeping the children busy with thought-out, quality activities that enrich their Emunah in Hashem, and provide a healthy attitude and atmosphere at this critical time.

We pray that all of Klal Yisrael stay safe, healthy, and at peace.

Keren Hayeled orphanage girls decorating the dining room wall, as an activity during Israel war time
Keren Hayeled dorm counselors at their surprise party, celebrating their dedicated work with the orphanage children during war time in Israel
Girls smiling, working on decorating the dining room wall at Keren Hayeled orphanage in Israel