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You have the power to build up our children when their lives are shattered.
They don’t have a family to rely on for stability and support. Their past is a broken and dark one. By partnering with Keren Hayeled you are directly giving these children a warm, safe home and a pillar of strength to fall back on. Support Keren Hayeled, and provide our children with stability and consistency they can depend on. 

Brand new dormitory bedroom at the Keren Hayeled orphanage

Dedicate a Dorm wing

Dedicate a floor in our dorms in memory of a loved one, or sponsor renovations of a dorm room, and provide a fresh and healthy home setting to the children who need it most.

Please contact us for help with your donation.

Perl Godlewsky, founder of the Keren Hayeled Orphanage in Israel, standing with a graduate of the orphanage at her wedding

Sponsor a Simcha

Sponsor a Keren Hayeled Wedding! Give a Kallah the wedding jewelry and home necessities she needs to build her new home. Give a Chosson a confident start at married life.

Please contact us for help with your donation.

A Keren Hayeled student blowing the Shofar (ram horn) during prayer services in the High Holidays season

Beautify our Shuls

Dedicate a Parochet, Bima Cover, or Sefarim in memory of a loved one, and take a special part in our children's Shul and Prayers.

Please contact us for help with your donation.

Keren Hayeled students praying near a printed sign with names of orphanage donors to pray for, as part of the Prayer Project at the orphanage

Join the Prayer Project

We deeply appreciate your support. Have the children pray for you and your family with your donation of $100+.

Please contact us for help with your donation.

We can't fix their broken past,

but we can show them a brighter future.

Keren Hayeled dorm counselor with her arms around a young student in the orphanage

Our children come from various backgrounds. Some come from broken homes, their tender lives shattered by the mental illness, poverty and abuse they experienced. Others have braved the challenge of death of a parent, sometimes even both.

It is heartbreaking.

And yet, these children are giving us a chance to show them life under different terms.

They are hesitant. Sometimes it takes months and months to build their trust. It is always a struggle. But we must do it. We must give them the love, warmth, security of a healthy life. It is our mission to set them up for a better tomorrow.

We can’t fix their broken past. But we can show them a brighter future.

160+ children

are thanking you.

Your donation provides neglected children and orphans with the support they so desperately need. Your help allows us to fill all our children’s daily needs: physical, emotional, and educational.

Thanks to donors like you, our children continue on to build beautiful lives, homes and families of their own.

Support Keren Hayeled. We can’t do it without you.

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