For years, renovation of the main Keren Hayeled dormitory was long overdue. While once appropriate, the main dorm facilities were old, worn, and desperately needing to be updated.

Renovations became a top priority for Keren Hayeled, being a critical part of providing a healthy, home-like living space for our children, and helping them feel like “regular” children, growing up in a modern, well-furnished happy home.

giving them a normal home

is our top priority.

After several years of careful planning and painstaking preparation, we finally unveiled our long-overdue dormitory renovation project!

In 2023, Keren Hayeled began our huge renovation project, working on four floors of the dormitory, all the dorm bedrooms, bathrooms and showers, flooring, doors and windows, and more. In addition, the project includes (but is not limited to) renovating and adding new therapy rooms, dining room and main living spaces, and redoing the balcony.

Starting the work

The architectural plans, permits and building contractors were all prepared. To start with, one dorm room was fully renovated, giving us an opportunity to make any adjustments and improvements necessary, and making the renovation process for the following rooms smoother, faster, and less expensive. It also provided a tangible example and preview of how lovely the other rooms will be, and when the girls saw this room – the light and joy in their eyes was so deep, it couldn’t be matched. They were simply bursting with hope, thrill, and excitement at the upcoming renovations!

Keren Hayeled is their home. Knowing that their own bedroom, bed and desk was going to be so beautiful, their entire home was going to be so new and fresh, brought a new light to their eyes.

renovating their bedrooms

shows them we really care.

The main Keren Hayeled dormitory has four floors, with 5-6 bedrooms on each, totaling 22 bedrooms. During this phase of renovations, our goal was to renovate each of the bedrooms with its own adjoining bathroom and shower, as well as to refresh the communal areas on each floor, creating a beautiful, updated, and healthy living environment for our children.

The bedrooms renovations include:

  • New flooring and ceramic tiles,
  • Straightening, smoothing, and re-plastering all the walls,
  • New doors and windows across all the floors,
  • A new electric infrastructure, lights, outlets and air conditioners,
  • Completely new infrastructure for plumbing, water lines, sewage, and fire sprinklers,
  • Entirely new, more spacious bathrooms with modern fixtures,
  • New beds, with a limit of 3 per room,
  • Closets and drawers to maximize the new spaces,
  • Individual nightstands next to each bed.
New beds in a newly renovated dorm bedroom at Keren Hayeled orphanage
Beautifully set up modern therapy room in the newly renovated Keren Hayeled girls' dorm

updated therapy rooms

provide new opportunities.

One of the many great benefits of renovating the Keren Hayeled domitory and living spaces includes updating our therapy rooms. We pride ourselves on providing our children with very high standard therapy services and activities, and our updated facilities now allow us to provide this critical care better than ever, helping our children at a new level.

we count on you

to bring our plans to life.

Many donors and contributors have already taken part in sponsoring this massive project, giving our children safer and healthier home to call their own.

We are still working on these vital renovations and still need funding to complete the project, and maintain the facilities. But we can’t do it alone. We rely on people like you to help us.

Be a part of their lives. Help us continue to help them.