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Prayer Project

The entire world exists in the merit of the pure prayers uttered by the lips of children, since they are free of sin.

Thus, supporting the children of Keren Hayeled with any amount is beneficial for oneself and loved ones.

However, to increase this incredible power for good, we have organized the “Prayer Project” to which you can receive membership with a donation of $100 or more.

For “member” donors, we print and post a plaque from which our children pray for you and a request of your choice, and then share with you a picture of their prayers.

In addition, our incredible children will pray for you and your request daily for one month.

Please opt to make your donation monthly so that you will be in the children’s prayers continually, while being able to modify the names and request as you’d like.

IMPORTANT: Donors of all amounts are included in our children’s prayers. For donations of $100 or more, we prepare a special plaque from which our children pray for the request of your choice and we will send you a picture of their prayers on your behalf.

You will receive an e-receipt (PDF) commemorating the name and event of your honoree which you can then forward to share with the honoree or others.
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