Chanukah - A - Keren Hayeled

A major theme of Chanukah commemorates G-d’s championing the cause of the weak, the mistreated and the disadvantaged. 

Since G-d commanded us to emulate His ways, and in the spirit of the Talmudic Sages who taught that even a little amount of light expels much darkness, we at Keren Hayeled are dedicated all year round, and especially during Chanukah, to championing the cause of orphans and other underprivileged children by bringing light, joy, and hope into their otherwise distressful lives.

While other children are in warm homes with loving family, lighting the Chanukah menorah, eating delicious Chanukah treats and opening festive presents, these children don’t have that “luxury”. Thankfully, Keren Hayeled is their warm home, and we serve the role of their loving family who provides them with beautiful Chanukah menorahs to light, and festive Chanukah parties full of special foods and gifts, which illuminate these children’s holiday with joy.

The Chanukah menorah is lit by adding one candle each night in order to increase light, and hope, through the darkness of the night. Please partner with us today, and increase the amount of light and joy you kindle in these kids’ darkened lives.

In so doing, there’s no better way to emulate G-d, as expressed in the special Chanukah prayer, al hanisim. As partners, let’s perform mighty deeds, saving acts, abounding mercies, which stand by them in their time of distress, to defend them and provide a great deliverance for them this very day, and in this way we give thanks and praise to His great Name for all the bounty He has bestowed upon us, by sharing it with orphaned and underprivileged children.

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