Timeline - Keren Hayeled

Keren Hayeled Timeline


World War II. Rabbi Yehoshua and Rebbetzin Rachel Godlewsky escape war-torn Europe via Shanghai, China, and survive the Holocaust. There they procure a dormitory for lonely, orphaned Jewish girls, saving them from the streets and missionaries.


The Godlewskys settle in New York where they continue sheltering and caring for needy refugees of the Holocaust, including children with no families and homes.


The Godlewskys receive letters from relatives in Israel describing the rampant missionary activity in the transit camps for new immigrants.


The Godlewskys begin raising money to send food and clothing to immigrant children in Israel. The money is used to counter missionary efforts and to provide needy families with basic necessities.


The Godlewskys establish Keren Hayeled, an organization dedicated to helping disadvantaged Jewish children in Israel.


The Godlewskys move to Israel.


The Godlewskys open a network of daycare centers in Tel Aviv-Yaffo. Missionary activity ceases in the area.


Keren Hayeled establishes afternoon classes for underprivileged children in Tel Aviv-Yaffo.

Rebbetzin Godlewsky suffers a heart attack. She promises that if she recovers, she will open a home for children from dysfunctional families in Israel’s central region.


Rebbetzin Godlewsky fulfills her promise. Keren Hayeled opens a rehabilitative center for girls, serving 10 children in its first year.


Keren Hayeled opens a similar rehabilitative center for boys.


Keren Hayeled founds a boys’ school for its children and others in the community from broken homes in the underprivileged neighborhood of Pardes Katz.


Keren Hayeled establishes a Yeshiva High School with dormitory for boys who have dropped out of conventional educational frameworks.


Keren Hayeled establishes a community-style living facility, in which children with “extra special needs” live in a family setting.


Keren Hayeled purchases and renovates a permanent living facility suitable for their hundreds of disadvantaged children. A family atmosphere is created as a young couple acts as the mother and father to the children and a large professional staff dedicates itself to giving these children the constant care they need.


Due to the growing need, Keren Hayeled opens an additional family-style living facility to accommodate more underprivileged children. This facility focuses on giving each child the personalized attention they desperately need.


Keren Hayeled opens an afternoon recreational center in Pardes Katz. This center provides a nurturing environment to children that cannot thrive at home. Professional therapies, specialized activities, and nutritious meals are given to these children each and every day.


Keren Hayeled opens night lodges in Herzelia and Tel Aviv. These lodges keep troubled adolescent boys off the streets and shelter them in a safe and secure environment. The professional and dedicated staffs at the clubs reach out to these boys with a warm and loving heart as well as teach them about their Jewish heritage.


With its family-style living facilities, rehabilitation homes, recreational center and night lodges, Keren Hayeled serves many hundreds of disadvantaged children throughout Israel, giving each child the love and care they need in order to succeed.


Keren Hayeled opens three additional family-type orphanages for a total of six family-type orphanages and two buildings.


Keren Hayeled opens a home for the graduates of its girl’s school who have nowhere to go, training them with self-supporting occupations.


Many more plans to help poor, neglected children in Israel grow up to be normal and productive and a source of pride for the Jewish People…