September 2017 - Sarah Starts First Grade - Keren Hayeled
“Sarah” Starts First Grade
The new school year has begun in Israel! Grandparents kindly gift knapsacks, fathers proudly buy schoolbooks, mothers joyfully select school outfits, older siblings choose cheerful wrapping paper for notebooks and folders, and new first-graders are treated to shopping sprees for charmingly matching sets of school supplies.
What a fun-filled, exciting, happy and proud occasion for families and children to share together!
That is, under normal circumstances. But unfortunately, many families, homes, parents and children don’t have the means or family structure and stability to make this a gratifying time, but rather a time of frustration and distress.
 Children from underprivileged homes thrive in the after-school studies program at Keren Hayeled.
Keren Hayeled is dedicated to alleviating this anguish by providing children from the most unfortunate of families the material means and emotional support they need to begin the new school year with enthusiasm and meaning.
We’d like to share the story of one young girl in particular, as an example of many of our children, to whom your partnership with Keren Hayeled transforms starting school from tearful to fun-filled!

Sarah is the youngest of five children whose father deserted them. Sarah’s mother deeply desired to raise her children independently, despite poverty and illness. But the court ordered that, aside from Sarah and her sister who were too young to leave their mother, the children must be placed in a Home.

Thankfully, Keren Hayeled was there. Eventually, all of Sarah’s siblings thrived there, and their mother visits them regularly, where special effort is taken to make her an integral part of their upbringing.

Sarah is now seven, generally deemed by the court too young to leave home. Her mother very much wanted Sarah to start first grade in a stable environment, together with her siblings at Keren Hayeled, which they have come to appreciate so much. She made a special appeal, and in light of the wonderful and heart-warming progress of Sarah’s siblings, the court authorized Sarah to join them!

Sarah sports her school outfit and sneakers.

Sarah endearingly totes her new knapsack.

Sarah has been given the gift of a healthy and happy home in which all of her needs are met. It was Keren Hayeled who fully supplied her for school (just look at how happy and proud Sarah is in her new school outfit and knapsack); and it was from Keren Hayeled that she joyously commenced first grade!

Girls Director Mrs. Leah Davidowitz blesses Sarah for a successful school year.

Dedicated member of Keren Hayeled accompanies Sarah to her first day of school.

This is just one of so many success stories at Keren Hayeled. Upon the opening of the new school year, please open your heart and hands in order to help Sarah, her brothers and sisters, and all of the other children at Keren Hayeled, get off to the right start with all the essential material and emotional support they so desperately need for a successful, productive and happy school year!


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