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July 2017 – Camp Keren Hayeled

For the kids of Keren Hayeled, summer camp is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!

Ami is a sweet 10-year-old boy whose short life has been nothing but sweet. Ami’s parents divorced after many years of constant bickering. It was then that the fighting really began – not over who would take Ami, but rather who would not. Neither parent wanted to be shackled to a little boy. After three years of being thrown from one parent to the other, Ami was brought to Keren Hayeled where the staff had to work very hard to prove to him that he could be loved and wanted!

Sarah doesn’t remember her parents. They were killed in a terrorist attack, from which she miraculously survived, when she was just three years old. Sarah’s two grandmothers tried their best to raise her, but their advanced age made it very difficult for them to care for such a young child. At Keren Hayeled, Sarah is blossoming into a fine young woman with a hopeful future!

For Ami, Sarah and many other children from broken or dysfunctional families who have found their home at Keren Hayeled, summer camp is not a luxury. For these children who have no viable home to go to, it’s a necessity!

These children can’t be sent home for the summer as other boarding schools do. Unfortunately, for many of these children, “home” means incapable, ineffective or irresponsible parents, harmful older siblings, aged and limited grandparents, the street or even the police station.

Please donate generously so our underprivileged but deserving children can continue to enjoy our safe haven over summer vacation at Camp Keren Hayeled – a camp where our kids are at home!

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June 2017 – Bar and Bat Mitzva Ceremony






It began with the boys wearing Tefillin and reading from the Torah in the spiritually charged, enclosed tunnel section of the Kotel. Joy was abounding as the rabbis and staff personally blessed each bar mitzva boy with success.



The girls participated in the adjacent women’s section, also in the special ambiance of the Wall Tunnels, by praying, reciting Tehillim and adding to the excitement by showering sweet candies upon the boys’ Torah reading.




It was so moving to see our children start their road to Jewish maturity in such a holy place!



The group then proceeded to the elegant Montefiore Hall in the Jewish Quarter where we honored this milestone in their lives with a delicious, festive meal.



Our very own “Simcha Boys Choir” amazed the audience with their singing, bringing joy to those of our children performing on stage, and also to those in the audience.




Keren Hayeled’s Girls Dance Group also performed an emotionally-charged performance, demonstrating the success of our “therapy through movement” program.



Each bat mitzva girl received a beautiful, personalized siddur engraved with her own name, together with a loving hug from Girls Director Mrs. Leah Davidowitz.



Similarly, General Director Rabbi Matityahu Godlewsky gave special certificates of honor to all the bar and bat mitzvas, and conferred upon each his warm blessing for their continued personal and Jewish growth in Keren Hayeled and beyond!



We were so proud of the boys’ and girls’ accomplishments throughout the year in Keren Hayeled, and so would you have been. But more importantly, they were so proud of themselves! This is the foundation for their continued love for, and commitment to, Judaism.

And friends and supporters like yourself provide that foundation.

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June 2017 – Invitation to the Bar and Bat Mitzva at the Kotel

May 2017 – Keren Hayeled pre-Shavuot Parent-Teacher Meeting 

May 2017 – Keren Hayeled launches its new English website with great fanfare!

April 2017 – Rabbi Meyer Godlewsky of Keren Hayeled, Israel visits Keren HaYeled, U.S.