September 2020 - The Joy of Succot | Keren Hayeled

The holiday of Succot is a time of great joy and bounty, in which we are sheltered in the loving arms of Hashem, who embraces us in the Succah.

Our children make beautiful Succah decorations in the Art Therapy program.

Yet, while we happily enjoy the security, serenity, and plenty of this holiday, Hashem commands us to recall, include, and provide for those less fortunate than us: the widow, the orphan, and the stranger.

With the help of those who partnered with Keren Hayeled, we did just that. Together, we aided overly-burdened widows; cared for lonely orphans; and provided a happy and loving shelter for otherwise estranged, at-risk children.

The children learn the laws of  “Arba Minim” before choosing their own set.

In this context, Keren Hayeled gave special classes on the mitzvot of this holiday and provided a practical, hands-on opportunity for the children to “take hold” of, and feel pride in, their Judaism.

Our children rejoice in receiving their very own set of “Arba Minim“.

Through a $100 donation, many of our friends sponsored an “Arba Minim” mitzvah-package and created a wonderfully joyous and meaningful holiday for a deserving child while receiving a share in all the resulting mitzvas!

This Succot, while our generous partners joyously shared Hashem’s bounty surrounded by loved ones in a beautiful Succah, they also empowered us on their behalf to provide widows, orphans, and needy children a holiday of joy and security in the protective “Succah” of Keren Hayeled.