Rosh Hashanah - Ad LP - Keren Hayeled


This Rosh Hashanah, as we open our hearts and hands to beseech God for life, health and prosperity, please generously open your heart and hands to our unfortunate children for whom there’s no one to plead other than Keren Hayeled.

A Safe Haven for Children in Need

Keren Hayeled is a home for at-risk children that provides a warm and loving haven for hundreds of orphans and children from dysfunctional families. Some are victims of severe poverty or physical abuse. Others have parents who suffer mental illness, addiction or are in jail. These children have one thing in common: They have no place to call home other than Keren Hayeled.


Every Child Deserves a Family; Every Child Deserves a Chance.

Throughout the decades and across continents, Keren Hayeled has been confronting the changing forms of crisis affecting Jewish youth. Today Keren Hayeled provides a warm home to orphans and children from dysfunctional families throughout Israel.


Building a Better Tomorrow for Children – Today!

Keren Hayeled’s goal is not just to provide its children with food, clothing, shelter, and an education, but also to ensure that the children grow up happy and healthy. Its dedicated staff gives their heart and soul to the children, providing them with the home and family they never had.


In addition, Keren Hayeled offers an array of educational and recreational programs and activities to help its children achieve their full potential and grow into well-rounded individuals.


Please partner with us at the beginning of this New Year to enable these unfortunate, underprivileged, at-risk children enjoy an entire year of shelter, love and happiness at Keren Hayeled.




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