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At Keren Hayeled, the children’s comfort, health, and happiness are of utmost important to us. And since the current, once-appropriate facilities have become outdated and are no longer satisfactory, our “Building and Construction Fund” for renovation, expansion, and construction is a foremost priority.

In addition, as in all fields, so too in caring for the needs of underprivileged children, it is important to be at the forefront of quality and service. Similarly, as trends in interior design and furnishings progress and improve, our children need and deserve to live and in a setting on par with regular children who live with loving families in modern, well-furnished, happy homes.

We thus implore you to share in our urgent effort to improve to the lives of the children to whom you have shown so much love and empathy over the years.

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You will receive an e-receipt (PDF) commemorating the name and event of your honoree which you can then forward to share with the honoree or others.
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