Pedagogical Models | Keren Hayeled

From the Holocaust to the present, Keren Hayeled has decades of experience in caring for the needs of Youth-at-Risk. We are one of the leaders in the field of restoring and inculcating Jewish values to children who would otherwise be shunned by society. On the contrary, we invest great effort over many years of each child’s life to ensure they receive the tools and skills needed to integrate into society as stable, successful adults.

Over the years, we have developed unique and creative approaches, techniques, programs, and support venues especially designed for this purpose, which have proven to be particularly effective in providing and nurturing the material, emotional, social and spiritual needs of such young people.

We share some of those here for the benefit of our long-standing, devoted supporters as well as for those who are interested in becoming more acquainted with Keren Hayeled as we continue to grow and forge ahead in our field. In addition, since our main concern is for such at-risk children themselves, it is our hope that others in the field will benefit from our presentation of these pedagogical models, adopting and adapting them as needed for the success of the at-risk children under their own care.