Programs - Keren Hayeled

Keren Hayeled offers an array of programs and activities to help its children achieve their full potential and grow into well-rounded individuals.

  • Rehabilitative Care – Keren Hayeled provides its children with the most advanced therapies, including occupational therapy, physiotherapy, speech therapy, hydrotherapy and art therapy.
  • Big Brother Program – Keren Hayeled’s children are paired with big brothers from the community who meet with them four times a week and help them with their homework. More importantly, they give them the listening ear and personalized attention so many of the children so desperately need.
  • Educational Center – Keren Hayeled runs an educational center that offers a variety of educational games and activities to its children, making learning fun.
  • After-school Activities – Keren Hayeled gives its children the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their talents through an array of after-school activities. These include music, drawing, crafts, home economics, bookbinding, sports, and karate.

Even when a child graduates from Keren Hayeled and goes on to another educational institution, Keren Hayeled’s staff keeps in constant contact with him. In the first year after graduation, its counselors meet regularly with graduates and are in contact with their new teachers and principals to ensure the transition is a smooth one.

As the years pass, many graduates still maintain a connection to Keren Hayeled, with its staff often present at their weddings and the births of their children.