November 2019 - High Holidays - Keren Hayeled

The High Holiday season was an exciting and educational season for the children of Keren Hayeled.

Our specially-trained, expert staff inspired the students with their knowledge of the unique observances of the holidays such as the shofar, the lulav and etrog, and the succah.

The children received first-hand instruction on how to blow the shofar, in a “mouth-on” experience which they all enjoyed so much, and added to their appreciation of Rosh Hashanah.

In the context of our vitally important art-therapy  program, the children learned about the succah and made their very own, personal succah decorations which they were able to take home for the holiday and add joy to their families’ joy.

Shortly before the holiday of Succot, we also conducted a special workshop instructing the children about the detailed laws and requirements of the lulav, etrog and other species. They then examined and chose for themselves their own personal lulav set for the holiday which they similarly shared with their families, lessening their parents’ many holiday expenses.

Thank you for your year-round partnership which makes the lives of these children so much happier and meaningful!



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