October 2019 - 1st Floor Renovation Ceremony, HaGaon Rav Yitzchak Zilberstein shlita - Keren Hayeled

We recently held the mezuzah affixing ceremony for the renovated first floor of the girls dormitory led by HaGaon HaTzadik Rabbi Yitzchok Zilberstein shlita, Rabbi of Ramat Elchanan in Bnei Brak, and son-in-law of Rabbi Shalom Yosef Elyashiv ztz”l and brother-in-law of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky shlita.

KH Directors Rabbis Meyer (L), Matityahu (C), and David (R) Godlewsky.

Before affixing the first mezuzah of the dormitory, Rabbi Zilberstein spoke very personably and endearingly to the girls and said that the best mezuzah should be placed there in the dorm, where the girls sleep, so that Hashem will have even greater protection over them.

Director R’ Matityahu Godlewsky accompanies Rabbi Zilberstein’s historic visit.

He also said that even though Hashem dwells in every Jewish home, there is an extra degree of Divine Presence in Keren Hayeled. He said that this is because Hashem is referred to as “The Father of Orphans”. So as a father to these girls, Hashem dwells right there with them. The Rabbi said that this is so much so, that one who wants to pray before Hashem, should pray there, in the dormitory!

Rabbi Zilberstein also recalled the founders of Keren Hayeled whom he thanked for their great contribution to the Jewish People for this institution, and whom he said were fabulous, exceptional people who were truly righteous.

The rabbi concluded with a blessing in the name of “He Who Guards the Homes of Israel” (associated with Hashem’s name Shadai in the mezuzah), that there should be many joyous occasions in this dwelling, and that each girl should hear the wedding tiding, “The voice of joy and the voice of happiness”, and that everyone associated with Keren Hayeled (including its supporters such as you and yours) should have a good and sweet year.

To these amazing blessings, the excited and joyous students answered an enthusiastic and resounding “Amen”!

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