November 2018 – The Cycle of Giving | Keren Hayeled

As part of our ongoing programming to instill within the children of Keren Hayeled that even those in need of help from others must still find ways to help needy others, we recently visited a nursing home for the elderly.

In this way, dear supporter, you not only provide for the needs of our children, but your good deeds proliferate through these very children’s acts of loving-kindness to other needy people. But this event has a special, Keren Hayeled twist and story behind the visit.

A social worker on staff at Keren Hayeled also works at the nursing home. For some time, an elderly woman at the home related that she herself had been a volunteer at Keren Hayeled many decades prior. At first, the worker doubted the coincidence, until eventually, at the woman’s insistence, she inquired if anyone knew her. Sure enough, Girls Director Mrs. Leah Davidowitz affirmed that 40 years ago, this elderly woman worked very closely with her grandmother and founder of Keren Hayeled, Rebbetzin Godlewsky a”h!

This recognition not only brought the elderly woman great delight and pride, it also led to an emotion-packed visit of today’s students with yesteryear’s volunteer at the home, where the children also performed, sang, and interacted with the other residents. The nostalgic tears and happy smiles on the faces of the elderly were so moving. It’s hard to believe how much life our children restored to them all!

And so the chesed that this elderly woman did for the resident children of Keren Hayeled so many years ago, rebounded back not only to her, but to all of the residents of her nursing home.

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