June 2017 - Invitation to the Bar and Bat Mitzva at the Kotel - Keren Hayeled

 June 2017 – Bar and Bat Mitzva at the Kotel

With thanks and gratitude to Hashem, we are honored to inform you that 15 of our children will be celebrating their Bar or Bat Mitzva at the Holy Kotel in Jerusalem!

As a valued friend, supporter, and member of the KerenHayeled Family, we invite you to participate in this joyous occasion, together with us, and with all of the children of our Home, which will take place on:

The 2nd day of Tammuz, 5777
Monday, June 26, 2017
Montefiore Hall, 29 MisgavL’dach street
Jewish Quarter, Old City of Jerusalem, 2:00 pm.

Although the physical distance might prevent your attending in person, we know that the children of KerenHayeled are close to your heart.

Please take this opportunity to celebrate with them by sponsoring this monumental occasion in their lives!


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