May 2021 – Students Under Seige | Keren Hayeled

We would normally update you at this time with the joyous news of the Shavuot holiday, which we will soon do. But in the meantime, the barrage of attacks from Gaza cannot be ignored. For this reason, we’d like to let you know that our children are safe, thank G-d.  We’d also like to share with you a glimpse of how this crisis is affecting their daily lives, and what we are doing to protect and provide for them.

As you’re probably aware, the rockets being fired from Gaza are reaching the greater Tel Aviv area, and as a result, the schools have been closed for the children’s safety. What follows is a description of part of the special activities we held today for our students who stayed “home” at Keren Hayeled.

As per regulations of the Home Front, we conducted a simulated missile attack and evacuation drill to our on-premise bomb shelter. On the sound of the alarm, the staff and counselors donned emergency vests as “managers”. Meanwhile, everyone located throughout their respective places on the premises made their way in a quiet and orderly fashion to the bomb shelter where they were organized and accounted for by the managers.

But in order to diffuse the natural tension and anxiety resulting from the crisis, and to keep the children occupied and satisfied, we also created an impromptu schedule of special activities.

These included physical exercise:

Arts and crafts projects:

And a special, interactive audio-visual activity:

As our partner throughout the year in making Keren Hayeled a safe haven for our orphans and at-risk children who would otherwise have no other safe refuge, we thank you for your loyal, consistent, and continued support during this current crisis as well!

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