Kabbalat Shabbat | Keren Hayeled

Friday night in the orphanage is a moving and meaningful time. One girl reverently lights the Shabbat candles, then all the children together close their eyes and daven quietly, swaying back and forth as they pour out their broken hearts to Hashem. They then sing beautiful Shabbat prayers followed by a delicious Shabbat meal. 

At our Kabbalat Shabbat, we encourage the girls to be ready for Shabbat especially early, in order to impress them with the importance of Shabbat and to inspire them with this good habit for life. One of the ideas we stress is that the girls daven together, for each other

A unique aspect of candle lighting at Keren Hayeled is that since many of the girls don’t have mothers who light the candles and pray for their children, the girls themselves are like mothers, who shed tears in prayer for themselves, the other girls, and for Klal Yisrael. In this way, Kabbalat Shabbat for them is even more moving and uplifting than in a normal home where the girls rely on their mother’s candle lighting and prayers at this special time. 

You can see in the clip the serious, mature, and solemn decorum of their personal prayers, and how simultaneously energetic and enthusiastic their recital of the communal prayers is.

Surely Hashem finds great pleasure in such beautiful prayers!