June 2018 - A Bride in Bein HaMeitzarim! - Keren Hayeled

We are elated to share with you the great tidings of a new kallah in Keren Hayeled, who, apropos to this time of hope in the rebuilding of the Beit Hamikdash, became engaged to build a new Jewish home at this period before Tisha b’Av.

But without Keren Hayeled, the stable and lovely young woman you see here had every reason to fail.

Unfortunately, she and her siblings, all children of Keren Hayeled, are the products of a broken family. The father remarried and completely cut off contact with the children. The mother is forced to reside under conditions in which she cannot accept the children at all, even for vacations. Nevertheless she admirably tries her best to maintain her place as a mother and comes once a week to take them out to dinner.

All of these children have made amazing progress while in our home.

The 18-year-old son is studying at a yeshiva of the highest caliber. He is a very focused and knowledgeable student. He is also a level-headed young man who guides his brothers and sisters and shows them the proper path by example.

The brother of the kallah (L) with the chatan.

Rabbi Meyer Godlewsky of Keren Hayeled (L) with the chatan.

Our bride studies in high school and invests much effort in her studies and is a very successful student. Despite having gone through so many difficulties in her life, she has elevated and developed herself through our caring staff that has accompanied her throughout her nearly 10 years at Keren Hayeled. Simply put, she grew up here.


Friends and staff of Keren Hayeled with the kallah (standing, center).

The youngest siblings at Keren Hayeled are a daughter of 14 years and a son of 11. They are adorable and talented children, and for now, as their sister, our kallah, Keren Hayeled is their whole world.


Rabbi Godlewsky, friends, and family dancing with the chatan and kallah.

The wedding is scheduled to take place in less than a month, on 3 Elul. We are all so very excited for her, as surely you are too. But since she has no family to help her, and all planning and expenses are incumbent upon us, we need to partner together in order to bring this kallah under the chuppah.


Director of Keren Hayeled, Rabbi Matityahu Godlewsky addresses the audience with inspiring words for the chatan and kallah.

Please donate generously to our Kallah Fund, and in the merit of your contribution to the building of Jewish homes, may you merit to see the rebuilding of Hashem’s home in your days!

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