July 2020 - Corona Courtyard Crafts | Keren Hayeled

Even though the COVID situation is generally keeping us closer to home at the beginning of the summer vacation, we “constructed” a creative way to keep our children occupied with productive activities on our premises.

This was in the context of a large-scale arts and crafts program in which the children fashioned garden fixtures and furniture from wooden forklift pallets, cement cinder blocks, rubber tires, plastic bottles, and tin cans.

From plain, raw wooden pallet to decorative, shaded garden bench!

As an opportunity to further promote our Gardening Therapy Program, we focused on how much faith is involved in gardening and farming: praying for rain, waiting patiently, believing that Hashem will make the plants grow, and cause them to yield goodness and bounty.

Cinder block multi-colored planters.

In addition to the therapeutic gardening benefit, this project inculcated conservation awareness, as well as sparking the children’s creative interests and bolstering their confidence to succeed in various ventures.

Rubber tires, plastic bottles, and tin cans turned garden fixtures.

During these difficult times when providing security for these children is so challenging and extra- expensive, we urge you to please contribute more generously than usual, or by selecting “Make this donation monthly”.

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