January 2021 – Tu b’Shevat | Keren Hayeled

This year was a wonderful celebration of Tu b’Shevat at Keren Hayeled! The children hand-made all the decorations and fruit settings themselves.

In addition, we utilized the kitchen facilities to make and bake a wide variety of delicacies in honor of the holiday.

The girls also set the tables beautifully, laden with all the traditional foods for the blessings of Tu b’Shevat. We incorporated an “Amen” party into the festivities and the children made hundreds of brachot with their corresponding resounding amens!

They also demonstrated what they learned in our special culinary class by making delicious deserts enjoyed by all!

After the festive meal and many blessings, we had a quiz and other exciting educational activities pertaining to the holiday. You can see from the pictures how entertained and enthusiastic the children are.

This was followed by a free-dance session where the girls were able to release energy during this period of quarantine.

Then the girls had an opportunity to share with the group what they learn in their various therapy courses: singing, dance, and music.

The groups of children performed so wonderfully for their peers, and you can see how much fun they all had.

Thank you so much for all you do in order to enable us to provide all this for our children! May we continue to bring joy, competence, and confidence to these underprivileged children.

And may the fruit of your and our labor on behalf of these children, the blossoming flowers of Hashem, be sweet and render a productive yield; and in this merit, may Hashem sweeten and increase the fruits of your labors in all fields, and shower blessing upon you and your children, the fruits of your families, may they be fruitful and multiply!

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