February 2020 – Tu b’Shevat | Keren Hayeled

We had an amazing celebration of Tu b’Shevat at Keren Hayeled.

The celebration began with an “Amen Feast” where the girls heard inspiring Torah teachings on the various fruits and foods, and on their respective blessings. This was accompanied by beautiful, uplifting singing which the children sang together.

Beautiful fruit display in honor of the joyous celebration.

And according to each blessing and what is written about its unique power, they prayed for everyone they know who needs a salvation. For example, the blessing over grains (mezonot) – for livelihood; over wine (pri ha’gefen) – for a proper soulmate; over fruits of the tree (pri ha’eitz) – for children; over produce from the ground (pri ha’adama) – for health; over general foods (shehakol) – for blessing in everything. We connected this blessing to joy: If one is happy with his portion from Hashem, then everything is good.

Students listen attentively to inspiring teachings and explanations about the fruits and their blessings.

The children were serious-minded about the importance of the holiday, they prayed for themselves and others, and sang with fervent joy. Each student said all of the blessings aloud while all the others responded with a resounding “Amen!”. That means each of the five blessings was recited, and responded to, by forty different children for a total of hundreds of powerful “Amens!”.

The counselors dance together as the girls sing a song and pray for a proper soulmate for them while reading their names aloud. The girls care so much for their counselors’ happiness!

The evening’s events then spotlighted Keren Hayeled’s various extra-curricular courses where the students of each course presented their talents and accomplishments to the other girls. It was truly amazing.

The video editing and photography course and the singing course jointly produced a short clip based on the theme song for this year’s educational idea: The importance of seizing opportunities to grow and improve. This production was on a professional level by all standards.

Members of the singing course perform on the background of the professional video clip prepared by the video editing and photography course.

Girls from the younger group lead an enthusiastic audience in an inspiring sing-along on the theme of a “little leaf” in prayer for success.

The drama course is basically a therapeutic course in which each child is guided toward completely spontaneous, professionally-supervised, self-expression. This group presented a typical lesson as it takes place in the course, presenting an example of a “drama warm-up”. This involves various exercises for releasing tension and gaining self-composure. In this case, they enacted string-puppets, whereby one performer “pulled” on the strings of the other, who responded by movement accordingly. Their presentations were stunning!

Members of the drama course showcase their talents by humorously enacting “auditions” to their course.

A drama warm-up in which performers pantomime string-puppets.

The girls of the sewing course demonstrated great skill by sewing on the spot decorative shawls for each of the other girls. All the students were so happy to come out of the event with a practical, tangible gift.

Students line up for participants in the sewing course to make them hand-made shawls.

The girls proudly display their personally-tailored shawls.


Throughout the presentations, all of the participants in the various courses demonstrated talent, dedication, and love for their respective fields. So much so that anyone who elected not to participate in these extra-curricular courses was inspired, and promised herself to join and be a part of these successes.

This has been but a taste of the spiritual and educational fruits of our labor and the productiveness of our programs for these deserving children. Surely you’ve also been inspired to join us and be part of the success. Therefore, please donate generously so that we may continue to help them cultivate and harness their latent potential to be thriving and contributing members of society.

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