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Who will build her a home and shelter from the streets?

“Hana” was abandoned by her parents at a very early age. Her turbulent life in the Social Services system and bouncing between adoptive families resulted in serious behavioral problems that prevented her from integrating into any of the educational programs in which she was placed.

This school year, she arrived at Keren Hayeled. Hana was one of the most challenging children we have encountered. Her issues are too numerous and severe to detail. But thanks to the unswerving love, expertise and dedication of our multi-faceted staff, Hana has made great progress and is finally integrating into Keren Hayeled and succeeding in school. The metamorphosis is truly amazing, and it brings tears to our eyes to see her growing self-esteem and beautiful, smiling face!

And all this is because she has a warm and loving home in the dormitory of Keren Hayeled!

But as much as the children’s comfort, health, and happiness are important to us, the once-appropriate facilities eventually became outdated and unsatisfactory. In addition, as in all fields, so too in caring for the needs of underprivileged children, it is important to be at the forefront of quality and service. Similarly, as trends in interior design and furnishings progress and improve, our children need and deserve to live in a setting on par with children of regular, loving families in modern, well-furnished, happy homes.

Current old and peeling wallpaper.

Soiled paint and inferior safety sprinkler system.

Outdated doors and electrical wiring.

Worn-out bathroom tiles and fixtures.

For this reason, in 2017, after several years of careful planning and preparation, we unveiled our long-overdue dormitory renovation project. Thanks to the generosity of loyal supporters, we have already completed the renovation of the first two floors of our girl’s dormitory; we are in the midst of renovating the third floor; and we have funding and pledges for much of the remaining final floor!



Your generous pledge is all that’s needed in order to complete the entire dormitory! Of course, this is in order to provide our children with the best possible living conditions according to today’s accepted standards.



You can imagine how much this contributes to their physical and emotional well-being and quality of life; and how much this tangible expression of your love and concern means to Hana and her friends at Keren Hayeled. All of this is crucial to their sense of self-worth and hope for a better future, which are such vital ingredients for becoming stable and successful adults who are well-integrated into society.



Compared to their former condition, the renovated floors of the dormitory have undergone a complete metamorphosis, and it’s hard to believe that they’re part of the same building. The entire staff, students, and the donors themselves, are so impressed and amazed at how well the renovations came out! And you couldn’t believe the smiles on the faces of Hana and her friends and their joyous laughter! After seeing the amazing difference, they are full of hope and anticipation for the completion of the entire dormitory. We welcome you to share in their excitement, and to join us in realizing their dream.



We thus invite you to share in this fabulous improvement to the lives of the children to whom you have shown so much love and empathy over the years. We offer you a share in this great mitzvah, and encourage you to take a significant part in helping us complete this project. The time is now! Enable us to complete the fourth and final floor in this fourth year!



And for those who dedicate a significantly appropriate amount, we will prepare a special plaque to be displayed in the Dedication Wall in the central foyer of the entrance to the building. What a tremendous, eternal merit for you and your loved ones to dedicate an entire room, or one child’s lodgings in a room, which will create a wonderful home for orphans and at-risk children for generations to come!

As always, we thank you for your longstanding and generous support, and in this merit, may you and your family have health, blessing, and success in all your endeavors!

Renovation Project Details

Master plan for an entire floor.

The dormitory has four floors, with approximately 5-6 bedrooms per floor, for a total of 22 rooms. The goal of this grand project is 1. To renovate each bedroom with its own adjoining bathroom and shower, while 2. Making major improvements in the communal areas on each floor for the comfort and well-being of each child. The details of both phases of the project follow.

The bedroom renovations include:

• Entirely new, modern and attractive flooring and ceramic tiles.
• Re-plastering, straightening and smoothening of all the walls.
• Installation of new doors and windows.
• New electric infrastructure, lights, outlets and air conditioners.
• Completely new infrastructure for plumbing, water lines, sewage and fire sprinklers.
• Entirely new, more spacious bathrooms with modern sanitary fixtures.
• New beds, with a limit of only three beds in a room.
• Clothes cabinets and closets appropriate for the new space.
• Individual nightstands next to each bed.

Renovation plan for a bedroom with adjoining bathroom and shower.

The communal spaces on each floor also benefit from the above-mentioned improvements regarding the flooring, walls, doors, windows, and electric and plumbing infrastructure.

In addition, the general floor renovations include:

• State of the art, central, safety circuit boards.
• Professional Therapy Room.
• Dining Area with table and chairs, which opens up to an outdoor balcony.
• Kitchenette with counter, sink, refrigerator, minibar and oven for cooking classes.
• Recreation Area with sofa and coffee table for meetings, clubs and group projects.
• Decorative drop-down ceiling for new spot lighting and fire sprinkler system.
• Renovated central hallway, providing a pleasant and aesthetic ambiance which permeates the entire floor.
• (The green and lavender rooms are 2 types of the 5 bedrooms on each floor).

Plan for each floor: 5 Bedrooms (green, lavender), Therapy Room (red), Dining Area (yellow) with kitchenette (blue), and Recreation Area (purple).

Needless to say, a well-planned an integrated communal space with its various amenities creates a home-like and respectable environment which is integral to the children’s self-esteem and development.

We invite you to join us and our other partners in this incredibly important project, which offers the long term value of investing in property. This contribution will not only benefit the current students, but will also make the lives of thousands of future unfortunate children taken in by Keren Hayeled brighter, healthier and happier.

In this way you, your loved ones, and those for whom you dedicate, will provide for these children a safe and comfortable haven from their otherwise turbulent lives and create a refuge within which we can assure that they become stable, contributing adults who will build the healthy, loving homes of which they were deprived, but for which they dream!

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