February 2021 – Rosh Chodesh Adar | Keren Hayeled

The Sages taught, “When Adar, the month of Purim arrives, joy rises!” At Keren Hayeled, this is a time that we add even more joy to the lives of our children – and we welcome you to join the fun!

On Rosh Chodesh Adar, we made homemade festive meals for the various programs and age groups. Each child received a personalized, hand-crafted joy package with his own picture, full of holiday treats, together with a decorative printed Megilla and a smiley-cupcake.

There was such a pleasant, happy mood among the students, who deserve a joyous distraction from the claustrophobic Covid restrictions.

All the decorations and balloon fixtures were made by the students themselves in our Art Therapy Program, which inflated them with joy, both before and during the event!

Even the elaborate table settings and decorations, as well as the wholesome, homemade food, were designed and prepared by the children in our Culinary Therapy Course. What satisfaction they received in the productive and constructive activity of preparation; and what pleasure they had in partaking of the fruits of their labor!

But at the height of all this accomplishment and joy, our children gratefully recalled you, dear patron, and learned Mishnayot, recited Tehillim, and prayed on your behalf so that you and your loved ones should be healthy and happy and receive bounty and blessing!

And this is in the Torah portion we’ll read this Shabbat, “From every person whose heart inspires him to generosity, you shall take My offering”. This indicates that one who donates for Hashem is repaid with God’s own offering, which is more than reciprocal because God’s blessing is returned manifold! (Kli Yakar). So too you give generously to these children, the beloved of Hashem, and they reciprocate by beseeching God in your favor. And since the prayers of pure children and orphans do not go unanswered, God repays your donation by multiplying blessing to you, the receiving giver.

In the merit of the joy of Adar; in the merit of the Torah and the yahrtzeit of Moshe Rabbienu which is today, Erev Shabbat, 7 Adar; in the merit of Parshat Terumah, Shabbat Zachor and Purim, please open your hands to these needy children, and may Hashem open His hand to you!

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