Residential Facilities - Keren Hayeled

Residential Facilities

Keren Hayeled serves boys and girls, ages 5 to 18+, in its various facilities in Bnei Brak, Israel. There are currently eight separate facilities that are differentiated according to gender, age and special needs.

In addition to separate dormitories for boys 5-14 and girls 5-18, there are several supplemental Family Living Facilities for boys that are grouped according to age, 5-14 and 14-18. There are also several special-needs Family Living Facilities for boys 14-18, as well as a Living Facility for graduate girls aged 18+.


At Keren Hayeled, we devote great resources to provide living conditions of the highest standard of quality and comfort for our children in order to create a warm and homely environment of tranquility and joy.

The public spaces of our newly-renovated, spacious and attractive dormitory buildings and Family Living Facilities, together with the children’s personal rooms replete with colorful furniture and fresh bedding, all contribute to the comfortable, domestic atmosphere within which the children enjoy their years at Keren Hayeled.

The Boys and Girls Dormitory each serve 60 children. The children are divided into groups based on age, educational level and personal needs. Each group consists of 8 to 12 children, and is led by a specially trained counselor who attends to their needs during all non-school hours. These counselors are certified by Israel’s Ministry of Welfare.

Each dormitory is also staffed by 3 social workers, 2 psychologists and 1 psychiatrist. These mental health professionals develop a personalized rehabilitation program for every child. They work in tandem with the child’s teachers, counselors and parents to see to it that he or she achieves his full potential.

Family Living Facilities

In addition to maintaining supplemental, dormitory-style living facilities for boys, Keren Hayeled also runs Family Living Facilities for boys with particularly difficult backgrounds who need extra care and individualized attention. The facilities currently serve 12 children each, ages 5-14. They are staffed by a married couple who serve in the role of parents, and by 2 counselors and a social worker. This type of facility is the next best thing to home.

Gallery of Residential Facilities
BOYS, children, 5-14

Rehabilitative, treatment-based boarding school, Kehilat Yakov 62.

Netanel Family Living Facility, Kehilat Yakov 63.

Betzalel Family Living Facility, Anilevitz  54.

Bloi Family Living Facility, Sokolov 15.

BOYS, adolescents, 14-18

Ashreinu Living Facility, Jabotinsky 68.


Birkat David Living Facility, Jabotinsky 68.

GIRLS, children and adolescents, 5-18

Rehabilitative, treatment-based boarding school, Giborei Yisrael 37.

GIRLS, bogrot 18+