May 2018 - Drama and Film Production - Keren Hayeled

Keren Hayeled’s after-school program provides enriching and educational recreation for 130 children throughout the entire school-year. In addition to the multi-faceted boys program, the 42 children of the girls program participate in separate courses which teach: 1. Drama, 2. Dance/singing, 3. Cosmetics, and 4. Hairstyling.





This year-long, after-school program culminated in a special theatrical production in which all the children participated together by contributing and putting into practical use the skills they learned throughout the year – as a cinema production team including actors, performers, make-up artists, and hairstylists. This is such an exciting and rewarding project for our after-school program, since it helps the children develop in so many important ways their natural talents, expression and communication. 

The children also learned directing and production with a professional director and a first-rate videographer and editor. The production was based on the story of the founders of Keren Hayeled in Shanghai and how they opened the organization there for the needs of refugee children from the Holocaust; and this theme also fused with the present-day story of Keren Hayeled and how it enables the children to overcome their current-day hardships and challenges in order to enable each child to achieve his or her personal success.

Baruch Hashem, the event was very successful, and as you can see from the pictures, the large theatre was packed from wall to wall, standing room only, and we even had to promise a return performance for those who couldn’t get in!

Girls Director Mrs. Leah Davidowitz did a phenomenal job organizing this first-time event, from the beginning to the end, with such success and talent, that everybody was charged with emotion from the sounds, sights, and message of the production – encouraging young people to persevere against all odds, in order to fulfill one’s G-d-given purpose in life.

You can actually see the tremendous excitement and exhilaration in the faces and eyes of the girls, and their sense of accomplishment as a result of the play.


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