August 2020 - Summer Camp | Keren Hayeled

The theme of this year’s summer camp was “Na’min Tamid b’Aba Gadol” (acronym NTB”G) – “Always Believe in the Big Father”. Apropos to these difficult times when nothing is sure, plans constantly change, and the only known is the unknown, we emphasized the importance of holding on to our Father in Heaven.

Students crafting the summer’s theme in blue, wearing our specially-ordered matching blue tee-shirts.

And since NTB”G also refers to the airport of Israel, we incorporated into the activities the theme of taking flight with faith in Hashem who will deliver us safely to the desired destination.

Rising to the heights of belief in NTB”G, Faith in our Father in Heaven!

We made a nature hike which the children traversed bravely and happily, enjoying every moment of the spectacular scenery, the rocks, the trees, and the water. We compared this to Israel traversing the wilderness about which the verse states, “By the word of Hashem they will travel and so they will encamp”.

Just as on a nature trail we seek signs leading the way, so too in life, we must seek Hashem’s signs, which point us in the right direction. Life is full of such providential sign-posts if we would just believe in Him and look for them.

Our travels took us to a breathtaking natural stone arch spanning over a deep abyss into which people were repelling, including a young boy of 12 who was the son of the instructor. When our children wondered at his bravery, we pointed out that when your father is the guide, he has surely taught you everything you need to follow his lead. So too, Hashem has taught us His ways, and all we need to do is to follow Him!

Of course, we thrilled the children with other summer camp activities such as the beach, swimming, a barbeque, and various other excursions.

During these difficult times when providing security for these children is so challenging and extra-expensive, we urge you to please contribute more generously than usual, or by selecting “Make this donation monthly”.

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