August 2019 – Camp Keren Hayeled | Keren Hayeled

The theme of this year’s summer camp was “Roads and Intersections: Me and My Choices”. Using the analogy of navigating roadways, we helped the children explore and define who they choose to be and what path they intend to choose in life.

As with driving, we emphasized that every place in which we find ourselves is a result of the road we’ve chosen. Nevertheless, there are intersections which present us with new opportunities to choose, enabling us to continue or change the road we’re on. This applies to studies, work, marriage, or our character traits and modes of behavior.

The road signs of life are our rabbis, teachers, and counselors who stand firm and tall, pointing us in the right direction, with whom we need to consult during each stage of the journey. The traffic lights are the guidelines of the Torah, signaling what has “green light” and is permitted, what has the “red light” and is forbidden, and what requires proceeding with caution. And the roads are life itself, upon which we meet all kinds of things, people, vehicles, venues, situations, experiences, replete with bumps and accidents along the way.

The opening event of our camp is the fair to the general public in Bnei Brak. The students ran the production from start to finish including raising funds, advertising, setting up booths, and preparing the food and activities. The joy of creating and the fulfillment of the effort were very rewarding. And the most important guests were the children’s families, who were specially invited to enjoy the fair and were gifted entry and tickets to the booths. The children were so happy to host their parents and siblings, and so proud to share their accomplishments with them.

Rabbi Meyer Godlewsky (bottom left) surveys the festive Keren Hayeled fair.

While integrating the educational theme of the camp into the various activities, the students also had an amazingly exhilarating summer experience, to reward them for their hard work and progress over the previous year, and to rejuvenate them in preparation for the coming school year. Throughout the camp, they wore lovely, specially designed shirts reminding them of the theme.

Some of the highlights of the camp include:

A  trip to the beautiful north part of Israel with rafting, hiking along a river-lined nature trail, and a moving and meaningful visit to the tomb of Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai.

A special treat of a train ride to Jerusalem, where we went to the zoo, the City of David and the holy Kotel.

As befitting the hot summer days of August, the students participated in water sports in Netanya, sailing in Hertzeliya, and swam in a spacious, beautiful outdoor pool.

Some of the arts and crafts activities include a special, artistic balloon-making workshop, and preparing multi-colored and multi-material greeting cards and gifts.

The camp was such a success and was so vital in keeping these children safely preoccupied from the harmful influences of their homes and the dangers of their neighborhoods. Please contribute generously to this expensive but indispensable venue of safe-guarding and enriching the lives of these wonderful, underprivileged but deserving children.

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